Product features

1)Environmental protection:It is be aligned with the general policy of farmland conservation, energy conservation, adjusting measures to local conditions and gather material on the spot.

2)Purification odor: Breathable, It absorbs smells and cleans indoor air

3)Safety:Being thin and light, it is highly safe and especially suitable for skyscrapers

4)Beautiful:Nearly 1000 stone colors produced by compounding more than 60 kinds of natural marbles,which  broadens designers' creative space and inspires them to design fashionable buildings.

5)Convenient:simple processes --- Finished products are directly pasted, improving efficiency, shortening duration and essuring quality

6)Economy:Save time, long-term durable and High comprehensive cost-effective 

Babaoli flexible bricks and flexible tiles, to break the formation of natural marble sand as the main material, with high polymer additives, and imported SKK cover composite topcoat composition, coated by pressure, block making, molding, dehydration in automated production line processing, surface decoration materials for high temperature sintering. It overcomes the shear load of ceramic tile, marble decoration materials produced due to weight, to the exterior insulation system to bring off wounding damage, and is comparable with the ceramic tile, marble decorative effect, and the color also has more choice, is the exterior insulation materials better system.

Tiles with natural sand, do not add any color, perfect real stone texture, rich color and vivid. Made of natural inorganic marble sand, never fade. The use of cement based adhesives, never fall off, waterproof, breathable, anti crack, can protect the insulation layer of the wall - 25 years of life