Knowledge of soft-porcelain

The mainly raw materials for soft porcelain products: Ordinary urban construction waste soil (including loess, laterite, clay and black soil), abandoned cement block, porcelain powder and some other inorganic residue. 90% waste soil + 10% water-soluble additives = soft-paste porcelain

After more than 30 processes, the composite modified soil has good plasticity, and the scientific community has named this new material as "soft porcelain". Soft porcelain fused to the flexibility of organic materials and inorganic materials aging resistance, non-toxic non radiation.

Soft porcelain in the infrared light penetration, so that the instantaneous formation of water emulsion and film at a controlled temperature under the low temperature of the ceramic reaction and can be arbitrary shape - whatever you imaging, can be achieved. Soft porcelain special mechanical system, forming process, to achieve zero emissions, zero pollution. Low energy consumption, material consumption than the same kind of products 80%. Soft porcelain series products can be recycled new products, or through physical and chemical treatment to restore the nature of the soil, return to farming.

The original ecological soil has excellent anti ultraviolet radiation, acid alkali salt corrosion and mild characteristics. The modified soil has excellent plasticity, can be made of ceramic tile, stone, wood and other decorative building material, energy consumption per square meter is only 0.2 degrees, and the weight is only 3-8 kg/ square meters, with a flexible, conducive to joint with various materials, seismic, crack resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, anti fouling and self-cleaning the performance is very good. Soft porcelain building decorative sheet, commonly known as soft porcelain, the color of the soil from the origin of the decision. The original ecological soil color is very rich, mainly in composite gray based, such as gray yellow, gray red, gray black, gray and so on, up to 256 sets of color. Therefore, the soft porcelain with natural color, elegant, rich, long long new calendar. For countries with a sense of urban color planning, soft porcelain color, the most idealistic.

Soft porcelain technology products have a repeat of the stone texture, but there is no ridge.

Soft porcelain technology products are pure natural wood texture, but did not cut down trees.

Soft porcelain technology products are extremely luxurious leather effect, but no hunting animals.