Babaolis Had a Spring Group Trip in Wuling Rift Valley

   On the third weekend in April, the Babaolis went to Wuling Rift Valley for a spring group travel. In the last two months, the sales department has over-fulfilled the target which beyond 30% of the expectations. The decorative materials for all kinds of buildings' decorations, such as the tiles, of great easily installation. The series of the stone products of long lifespan and so on. All of which are of wonderful quality and competitive price. So in order to reward these outstanding salesman and encourage the morale, organized by the administration department, the domestic marketing departments, the foreign trade department, , the treasury department and the general manager all participated to the wonderful Wuling trip. Wuling Rift Valley is a 4A scenic spot which being called the China's first dynamic canyon. And it is named as one of the Chinese Best Cultural Scenic Spots of 2016 in Feb, 2017. So we choose the spot as the destination. With the sweet smell of the spring, we arrived at the destination after two hours' driving. We all deeply attracted by the gorgeous and charming scenery. And the tour began in the cheers and laughter. We had so much fun during the two hours' tour. Then we went to the Zhiren Hotel to have a rest. It is very clean and graceful, made us feel very comfortable. The next day we returned after the visiting of another spot.

  The event came to a successful ending under the elaborate preparations. All had so much fun. And we us colleagues become more and more intimate. This activity promotes the communications between us, strengthens the sense of the community and arises the working enthusiasm of the staffs. What a perfect trip it is.