The Trends of Chinese Stone Market

   Chinese stone industry after years of development, the gradual shift from serious pollution, low-tech, relying on hand-made development into low-carbon, mechanicalion mainly to industrial clusters as the fulcrum of the modern industry. China's industry to achieve such a large development of this internal restructuring and industry are inseparable. Currently showing stone industry cluster development. In recent years, the number of domestic stone industry cluster growing, expanding, with a certain scale stone industry over 30. Stone led to the development of industrial clusters logistics and transport, machinery maintenance, construction and installation, and other related industries, which also led to the development of regional areas.

 There are mainly three stages of the stone market.

  1. A few years ago, the development of stone industry focuses on selection of materials, and now the key technology is some natural stone thinning process can be used to make opaque jade or striped marble , granite , quartz becomes translucent, so that has a translucent effect.

  2. With the popularization of the environment-friendly conception, there are a variety of high-quality green alternatives. This phenomenon pushes the stone industry into a new round of development stage. There are more and more artificial stones, the raw materials are mostly recycling waste materials which can save lots of resources.

  3. Ten years ago, China's stone industry is of certain blindness, lack of scientific planning, which leads a lot of resources wasted,environment polluted, ecology damaged and many other white-heated issues. So the conception of environment-friendly will be more and more important. It will mainly focuses on environmental protection.