Fierce environment, steady devlopment

  During the development of stone material in China for 20 years, the stone industry is in the sustainable development around the world. Although the development is unbalanced between different countries, but the domestic demand for stone and building materials market is in a steadily rising trend.

  Today, the development of stone industry is in a vicious environment, the competition between the building decoration materials therefore become very fierce, resulting that the whole industry will face a very rare tough economic environment.

  In such circumstances, Our company is try our best to have our own market. And we are on the way. Recently we have many projects are already in progress. We have some school projects in our Chongqing city and Yunnan province, southwestern China. Our products porcelain tiles, easy wallboard, such decoration materials are becoming widely known in Chongqing and in the whole market.

  Through our attempt, we believe our company will become better and better, we will become more and more competitive.