Soft porcelain tiles market is bullish

At present, the soft porcelain exterior wall decoration cladding materials are hot in old town renovation project, and become a fashion. Compared with the practicability of the ceramic plate and the foam ceramics, the decoration and the aesthetic property of the soft porcelain are more prominent. Soft porcelain stone exterior wall panels can imitate stone, metal curtain wall, clay board, split brick, solid wood effect, with strong performance. But what is the soft porcelain? Babaoli will tell you that it is actually a common urban soil, cement blocks, abandoned waste porcelain powder and other inorganic waste slag and a decorative thermal insulation material. It not only reflects the requirements of conservation, but also in response to the call of environmental protection. At the same time, due to the soft and light material, good flexibility can be fully applied to the wall, there will be no problems such as the arc generated waste, but also has a very good decorative effect.

  The integrated system of heat preservation and decoration of soft porcelain decorative brick is also used in the external wall insulation. The soft porcelain insulation system is made of soft ceramic facing brick, which can be directly bonded to the base with cement based adhesive. At the same time, the soft ceramic facing brick has high toughness and excellent crack resistance. Soft porcelain tile thermal insulation decoration system has strong heat preservation function, system insulation material selection for expanded polystyrene board or extruded polystyrene board, low thermal conductivity, and can adjust the thickness of the insulation layer to meet the requirements of different areas architectural design standards. At the same time, the insulation system not only can be used in the new building exterior insulation, can also be used for energy saving in old building renovation project, but also can be used for exterior wall insulation, roof insulation, cold insulation, broad market development prospect.