MCM BBl Soft porcelain wall cladding

At present, Ba Baoli soft porcelain wall decoration materials is quietly sprouting in the field of new real estate projects and old buildings transformation , and become a fashion popular. Compared with the practical ceramic plate and ceramic foam, soft porcelain decorative purposes and the appearance of more prominent. Soft porcelain imitation stone, metal the ceramic plate curtain wall, split brick, wood, with a strong expressive force.

However, what is the soft porcelain? Ba Baoli soft porcelain is produced from the ordinary urban construction waste soil, waste cement block, a decorative porcelain insulation material and powder and other inorganic waste slag. It is not only reflects the resource conservation requirements, and also response call to the environmental protection. At the same time as the soft thin porcelain material good flexibility, it can be completely sticking on the wall, so no waste because of radian problems, and has a good decorative effect.

The soft porcelain tile thermal insulation decoration system is used in external wall insulation. Soft porcelain insulation system using soft porcelain tile as the decorative layer, can be directly used for cement based adhesive on the substrate, without anchorage. At the same time soft porcelain tile with high flexibility, excellent crack resistance. Its unique design ladder the design of two adjacent sides, each splice can be formed with grooves on the pointing agent.

This structure simplifies the thermal insulation decorative plate joint, pointing the construction process. Soft porcelain tile thermal insulation decoration system has strong heat preservation function, system insulation material selection for expanded polystyrene board or extruded polystyrene board, low thermal conductivity, and can adjust the thickness of the insulation layer to meet the requirements of design standards in different parts of the construction of energy-efficient. At the same time. Soft porcelain insulation decorative integration system not only can be used in the new building wall insulation, can also be used for energy saving renovation of old buildings, but also can be used for external wall insulation, roof insulation, cold insulation, etc., the market prospect is broad.