1)After pasting the flexible decorative brick, protective measures should be taken for the finished products.

2)After pasting the flexible decorative brick, holes should  not be drilled. If need to dig holes, the adhesive should be fully cured, and appropriate measures should be taken.

3)Within 24 hours after the construction of flexible decorative brick pasting, rain erosion should be avoid.

4)Flexible decorative brick surface contaminated sites should be cleaned by clean water timely or by special cleaners.

Acceptance checking
1)Flexible decorative brick building decoration works belong to the sub-projects of engineering quality and acceptance.  When flexible decorative brick decoration has been completed, it should be accepted and checked in accordance with the present regulations and reference "Building Decoration Engineering Quality Acceptanc GB50210”.

2)The strength between leveling layer and bond should not be less than 0.3MPa 

3)The tensile strength for insulation perpendicular to the board surface shall not be less than 0.10MPa

4)Flexible decorative brick, wall putty, types of cement-based adhesive and varnish finish, specifications, size, color, pattern, appearance and technical performance for flexible decorative brick building decoration works should meet the design requirements.

5)Flexible decorative brick should stick firmly, tight, without hollowing, no corners warped phenomenon.